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Roxy Does Retail

Buy Roxy's Book

It's manners and mayhem as stand-up comic, Roxy Rich meets Emily Post in this charming little rule book about shopping. Roxy brings her own brand of comedy to the laws of fashion gleaning real stories from her life as a Boutique Girl. Find out what a salesperson really wants to say but can't or she would get fired! Only a comedian could get away with what's in this book. Forget Mr. Toad! Strap on your seat-belt for this wild ride through clients, catastrophes and The Customer Code.

Sick of Rude Customers?

Get this comedic diatribe from Roxy.

It's a hostile little rant, really, one any customer service rep will identify with and love!

Get it world-wide in Paperback or on Kindle. Get it for that friend who works retail. Great under $20 gift for any boutique girl.

Shop Now at Amazon!

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