Roxy Rich - "Yes I work out.  I do Kegels!"

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  Stand up Comic

Roxy's  comedy is   refreshingly original. Men and women love her take on dating , life and shopping.  She is a regular at The World Famous Comedy Store, has performed at the Improv, Laugh Factory,  The Ice House, and been on tour all over the US,  recently at The Rio and Clarion Casinos in Las Vegas.  Scroll down to see clips of Roxy's Stand-up or  purchase Roxy's book.  Click links on left to explore the site.

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Conversation Pieces Blog Talk Radio
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Guys and Shopping Ice House
Two Bits: Men & Shopping.

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Roxy on Men & Modern Technology
Four and a half minute clip from The Edgewater Casino in Laughlin.

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Film, TV & Radio Credits:
Comedy Time TV                                New Media
All Comedy Radio's                    The Comedy Island
The Grateful Dead Hour                  Guest Comic
Bug Outbreak 2004                Lead: Brad Silverman
GoApply.Com                          National Voice-Over
The Love Connection                   The Last Show!
Scattergories Game Show             $1,000 Winner
Buzz!                                             Roxy got Buzzed!

If you know anyone working in Retail and have no idea what to get them:
This is the gift!  Roxy's Book is perfect for your co-worker or anyone working customer service.  It's everything a salesperson wants to say to a customer but can't or she'd get fired!  Under $20 gift she (or he) will love and laugh. A tell it like it is slam on bad customer behavior and from a comedian and pro salesperson's viewpoint.  Check it out below!
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Roxy does Retail
A glimpse into her new book: Roxy does Retail
Roxy does Retail: A Ludicrous Guide to Boutique Shopping Etiquette is now available in paperback!
Roxy with Brenda after a show at Matteo's

Left:     Roxy with
Lynn Hansen, Author
Or you can get it on Amazon to take advantage of Free Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25:

Roxy does Retail is also available on, France, Denmark and all of the European Amazon affiliates!

                                    After Headlining in Hemet November 2013
                                      Thanks for buying my book Ladies!

Specialty Shows
Red Carpet Comedy                           The Dresden
Comedy Girlfriends                    Ice House, Comedy Store
The Rat Pack of Comedy                      Coast to Coast
Crack-up Central                         Kacey Powell
Paparazzi Comedy                 Jon Lovitz Comedy Club
Pretty Funny Women                    The Improv Hollywood
The Meatballs of Comedy                    Everywhere
Girls! Girls! Girls!                         Jon Lovitz Comedy Club   

Below:  Roxy vs Heckler at Winner's Casino
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Roxy vs Heckler Winnemucca
Some guy yells out a weird question.Something about a tongue?
Reach for the Stars Management
Rose Frohlic:  323-850-7523

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